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Month summary: Italy was defeated at the Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia’s first government gazette was founded, Emperor Yohannes IV died.


01 MARCH 1896:

An Italian army was defeated by Ethiopians on this day at the Battle of Adwa.  A settlement after the battle cancelled the Treaty of Wichale and acknowledged the full sovereignty and independence of Ethiopia.

The resounding victory of Emperor Minilik's mighty army over colonial Italy in Adwa has a very special place not only in the history of Ethiopia but also in the history of the African continent for the defeat of Italy in Ethiopia came at a time when almost all of Africa was colonized by European powers.

Minilik's leadership at that crucial time was one of the reasons why Ethiopia is the only country in Africa to have never been colonized. After Adwa, Minlik's Ethiopia was accepted by the European powers as a real political force. The crushing defeat of a European army greatly enhanced Minlik's international reputation and caused a host of foreign advisers, ambassadors, emissaries and adventurers to seek opportunities to work, travel and live in Ethiopia.


Here is a re-enactment of the Battle of Adwa in a 2012 music video by Ethiopian pop-star Teddy Afro.


10 MARCH 1942

Ethiopia’s first government gazette known as Negarit Newspaper was founded on this day.

10 MARCH 1889
Emperor Yohannes IV died on this day. Yohannes IV was Ethiopia 's emperor from 1872 to 1889. He succeeded to the Ethiopian throne on 21 January 1872 , four years after the death of Emperor Thewodros. In 1869, the Suze Canal opened in eastern Egypt and it made it easier for European ships to effortlessly reach Ethiopia. 

Italy , the next aggressor in 1885, occupied the Red Sea port of Massawa and began to expand inland toward the province of Tigray, only to be decisively defeated by Yohannes in 1887. Ethiopian forces, led by Emperor Yohannes, beat the Italians at the Battle of Dogali in the far north of the country.

In the same year, the Islamic revivalist Dervishes forces, gaining ground in the Sudan, invaded Ethiopia and devastated the old Ethiopian capital city of Gonder. Emperor Yohannes fought the Dervishes severely and at the close of another Ethiopian victory, he was killed at the Battle of Metema.


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