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Month summary: Emperor Haileselassie was named Time magazine’s "Man of the Year" for 1935, Emperor Yohannes IV was crowned emperor of Ethiopia at Axum, Engineer Kitaw Ejigu and comedian Albachew Teka died.


06 JANUARY 1936
Emperor Haileselassie was named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 1935. The magazine's 6 January 1936 edition made this announcement to the world carrying a handsome portrait of the late Ethiopian Emperor.

Time magazine said: “Ethiopia's king fought an incursion by Italy's strongman, Mussolini” and that was why the emperor was chosen as “Man of the Year”.

12 JANUARY 1872:

Emperor Yohannes IV was crowned as emperor at Axum.  Yohannes IV was Ethiopia 's emperor from 1872 to 1889. He succeeded to the Ethiopian throne on this day - four years after the death of Emperor Thewodros.

13 JANUARY 2006:

Engineer Kitaw Ejigu died on this day at the age of 58. One of the world's best aerospace scientists and the only widely known Ethiopian in the field, Engineer Kitaw worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Rockwell International and for the Boeing Company.

Apart from his prestigious status as an aerospace scientist, he was also widely known for his efforts to bring about political change in Ethiopia, particularly during the last few years of his life. He publicly denounced the EPRDF regime in Ethiopia and may of its policies. Even though he was ambitious about using his knowledge, experience and high-status to help his homeland, he repeatedly said he was not made welcome by the regime. And in 2002, he founded a political party by the name of the Ethiopian National United Front, “to help overthrow the Ethiopian regime and to bring about a stable and democratic political system.”

16 JANUARY 2005:

Comedian Albachew Teka died on this day. The name Albachew Teka is synonymous with hilarious comedy in Ethiopia. Along with his fellow comedian Lemeneh Tadesse, Alebachew popularized modern Ethiopian comedy in Ethiopia on the national television. It was his efforts and talents that set new and unprecedented standards and that paved the way for comedy to be a recognized modern-day profession in Ethiopia. He entertained Ethiopians in Ethiopia for many years and traveled abroad to make Ethiopian expatriates in different parts of the world laugh.

After touring the world to entertain Ethiopians for decades, he then started the first Ethiopian TV talk show named: The Alebesho Show. This too was unprecedented in Ethiopia and as such, the show caught the interests of thousands of Ethiopians. In the pioneering show, he persuaded many of the Ethiopian affluent guests to the show to help the destitute of Ethiopia, and as a result gained recognition as a very humanitarian Ethiopian as well.

Alebachew died in a suspicious car accident while traveling from Addis Ababa to Jimma, in southern Ethiopia, to film an episode for his show. His car reportedly plunged into a ravine about 30km from Jimma. He was 44 years old. News of his death was met with shock and more than 100,000 mourners attended his funeral at St. Joseph's Church in Addis Ababa. Alebachew is survived by his wife and three children.

26 JANUARY 1887:

The Battle of Dogali was fought between Ethiopia and Italy on this day. With 500 Italian soldiers killed, Ethiopia won the battle. Dogali today is Eritrean territory.



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