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Ethiopians to celebrate Meskel this week


By Befekir Kebede
Sunday, 23 September 2012 22:59

Demera celebrations at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa

Followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will mark the ancient festival of Meskel this week.  Meskel or the Finding of the True Cross is celebrated in Ethiopia to commemorate Queen Eleni of Ethiopia who was able to locate the true Cross in Jerusalem.  According to Ethiopian Orthodox Church manuscripts, Queen Eleni, who died in 1522, lit a bonfire and prayed in order for God to show her the way to the true Cross – the Cross on which Jesus was crucified.


News updates from Addis Ababa [audio]


By Kirubel Tadesse
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 16:31

Addis Ababa

Freelance journalist Kirubel Tadesse’s round-up of significant news events in Ethiopia.


In this report Kirubel talks about the start of the Ethiopian New Year, the preparation of schools and students to resume classes after the winter break, the release last week of more than 1, 900 prisoners from Ethiopian jails, the continued and controversial detention of Ethiopian journalists despite the release of two Swedish journalists after they asked to be pardoned, the appointment of Hailemariam Desalegne as the chair of the ruling EPRDF party, the promotion given to some of the government’s high-ranking military personnel and the announcement of winners for the latest round of the Addis Ababa condominium draw.


Ethiopia ushers in the year 2005 [audio]


By Kirubel Tadesse
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 16:32

Ethiopia ushers in the year 2005

Freelance journalist Kirubel Tadesse’s round-up of significant news events on the eve of the 2005 New Year.


In this report Kirubel talks about Ethiopians’ last minute shopping experiences in Addis Ababa before the start of the New Year, the price of must-have family holiday items such as lamb, chicken and the like, the Government’s preparation to release possibly hundreds of prisoners, the ruling-party’s plans to replace Meles Zenawi and announce the next Prime Minister and the possibility of naming a replacement for the late Pathriach Abune Paulos.


Meles Zenawi - countdown to death announcement


By Befekir Kebede
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

Countdown to death announcement

The Ethiopian year 2004 started like any other year, but it has ended like no other.  The controversial Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarch Abune Paulos held celebrations towards the end of the year to mark 20 years since he became Patriarch.  But at a time when the nation was gripped with conflicting stories about the health and whereabouts of the late Meles Zenawi, Patriarch Abune Paulos died at 76.  In the same week, the death of Meles Zenawi was announced.  But for many Ethiopians, the official announcement of the death of Meles Zenawi did not come as a surprise – in fact many claim that they are vindicated by the regime’s announcement of the death of Meles Zenawi and they accuse the regime of keeping his death a secret for weeks.


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