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Month summary: Emperor Yohannes IV signed the Treaty of Adwa, EPRDF forces massacred protestors in the capital Addis Ababa and Emperor Haileselassie gave one of his most famous speeches at the League of Nations.



03 JUNE 1884:
Emperor Yohannes IV signed the Treaty of Adwa with a British negotiator.  The treaty stated that Britain would help Ethiopia in the return of Bogos – a part of Ethiopia occupied by Egypt and that Ethiopia would have the right to the free import of goods including arms and ammunition through the port of Massawa.  In return, Emperor Yohannes IV agreed to rescue British troops from Mahdist Sudan.  Yohannes IV assumed that he would get control of Massawa, but Britain broke the spirit of the agreement in less than a year after it was signed by handing Massawa to Italy.

08 JUNE 2005:

Heavily armed EPRDF forces deployed in the streets of Addis Ababa massacred at least 42 innocent civilians on this day for taking part in a demonstration demanding that the government respect the outcome of the elections held a month earlier. Most of the dead had gunshots to the head and hundreds were wounded while thousands were abducted and sent to remote military prison camps.

30 JUNE 1936:
The late Ethiopian Emperor Haileselassie gave one of his most famous speeches at the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.  He was making an appeal for help to oust the Italian occupying forces from Ethiopia.  The League responded adversely saying that it would not interfere with the troops of the fascist dictator, effectively causing the downfall of the organization. During his speech in Geneva, the Emperor said:

If a strong Government finds that it can, with impunity, destroy a weak people, then the hour has struck for that weak people to appeal to the League of Nations to give its judgment in all freedom. God in history will remember your judgment … I ask the great powers, who have promised the guarantee of collective security to small states, … what measures do you intend to take? Representatives of the world, I have come to Geneva to discharge in your midst the most powerful of the duties of the head of a state. What answer am I to take back to my people.


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