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Stories of some of the great Ethiopians who have contributed to the country in their fields of expertise

Dr. Kebede Michael


Kebede Michael

Dr. Kebede Michael was one of the great thinkers in the field of education and literature in Ethiopia. He wrote a total of 26 books including a wide range of translations from various languages. From 1940 to 1970, he wrote Amharic school textbooks in which he provided generations of Ethiopian students with literature filled with knowledge and information about a wide range of issues and disciplines. His writings are in both prose and poetry and his poems follow rhyming and writing styles of his own.


Emperor Yohannes IV


Emperor Yohannes IVYohannes IV was Ethiopia 's emperor from 1872 to1889. He succeeded to the Ethiopian throne on 21 January 1872 four years after the death of Emperor Thewodros. His original name was Kassa Mercha and prior to becoming emperor, he was a dejazmatch or earl of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Like his predecessor Yohannes IV was a strong, progressive ruler, but he had to spend most of his time repelling military threats from Egypt , Italy , and the Mahdists of the Sudan. His main rival was Menilek II - king of Shewa - who did not recognize Yohannes as emperor.


Emperor Minilik II


Emperor Minilik

Minilik was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 to 1913 after the reign of Emperor Yohannes IV. Emperor Tewodros before him is widely known to have made relentless attempts to unify and modernize Ethiopia. And it was Emperor Minilik who successfully brought about tangible changes that would have long-lasting effects in unifying and modernizing the country.


Empress Taitu Betul


Empress Taitu BetulTaitu Betul was Empress of Ethiopia from 1889 to1913. The third of four children in an aristocratic Ethiopian family that descended from the Solomonid dynasty, Taitu was born in 1851. She is known to have wielded considerable political power as the wife of Menelik, both before and after they were crowned Emperor and Empress in 1889.


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