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Bezuayehu Demissie finds his own voice


By Befekir Kebede
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 21:26

Ethiopian love songs

In 2007, a new, young Ethiopian singer by the name of Bezuayehu Demissie released a controversial album that became the subject of a lawsuit against him.


Named “Best Oldies Collection”, the album contained 13 unoriginal songs – all previously sang by Ethiopian legendary musician Muluken Melesse.


Ethiopian love songs


Ethiopian love songs

Love songs are by far the most popular song types in Ethiopia as they would be anywhere else in the world. But not all love songs have the same impact on the listener and some are definitely better than others.


What makes for a great love song is a combination of many factors including lyrics that ring true to people's hearts and descriptions of love situations that they can relate to. One way or another, the songs listed below qualify as among the best Ethiopian love songs and whatever your love situation, we trust you enjoy listening to them.


Ethiopian wedding songs


Ethiopian wedding songs

Whether there is a wedding or not, wedding songs are everyone’s favourite. For those who are getting married, wedding songs make the occasion happy, warm and memorable. For those who are already married, these songs bring back memories from their wedding day like nothing else could. And for those who are yet to tie the knot, wedding songs simply make them think about their prospective marriage and the prospect of reaching that special day.

This collection of wedding songs express promises of love, loyalty and friendship in ways that are both traditional and contemporary. They celebrate a milestone and the start of a new chapter in the lives of those who choose to tie the knot. Each one of these Ethiopian wedding songs are inspired by different traditional elements and they are uniquely Ethiopian.


Songs for and about Ethiopia


Songs for and about Ethiopia

Ethiopian musicians follow an enduring tradition of singing for and about Ethiopia. Perhaps Ethiopia could be the only country in the world where each year several songs are released wishing the country well, admiring its beauty, praising its achievements and just expressing love for Ethiopia.

With millions of Ethiopians now living outside of Ethiopia near and far across the world, there is literally a plethora of songs in which fond memories of the country and nostalgic feelings are expressed. Most songs about Ethiopia are also about hope - hope for a better future, hope for cultural repatriation and hope for the day that one gets to reunite with the homeland and family members. These are a selection of old and recent songs carrying all of these messages.


Tilahun Gessesse


Tilahun Gesesse

In Ethiopia and for Ethiopians, the very concept of contemporary music is intertwined with the name Tilahun Gessesse.  He was a singer like no other with tremendously charismatic appearance, holding his rightful place in Ethiopia as the country's one and only king of pop.

From love, family and friendship to liberty, unity and justice, there isn’t an aspect of life that Tilahun didn’t sing about.  Music has a special place in the everyday lives of Ethiopians and no singer has been able to win the sentiments of the people the way Tilahun did over the years.  The veteran singer was not just a renowned artist – he was also a national treasure of highest standards.


Thewodros Tadesse album - Degmo Baine



Album title: Degmon Baine
Release year: 1985


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