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About us


Young and emerging media professionals with passion for everything Ethiopian have formed a volunteer-based international media organization by the name of Ethiopian Stories Media Group and the group runs this website.


The Media Group and this website are founded by Australian-based Ethiopian multimedia professional Befekir Kebede who previously founded a website that promoted the Ethiopian New Millennium for eight years. This website is a successor to the Ethiopian Millennium website ( which was shut down in March 2012.



Why stories?

There are countless stories to tell about Ethiopia and its people.


Exceptional Ethiopian stories have been recorded over the years and exceptional stories continue to be created and told every day.


We, Ethiopians, are inspired by the many of our Ethiopian stories and dismayed by some -- but we often learn from both types of stories.


Stories of Ethiopian dignity, heroism, courage, resilience, triumph, talent and the like are some of the hallmarks of Ethiopia’s identity as a nation.


These qualities have been the hallmarks of our collective identity in the past and we are still defined by them.


Our stories, past and present, small or big, are connected to each other like a chain.


The stories of today are just the latest episodes of the bigger Ethiopian story that started with the beginning of time.


Today’s stories will not conclude with "the end" – rather they will end with a "to be continued".


The important thing to note in all of this is that we do get to start over every single day, writing our stories one experience at a time.


And things get to resolve themselves and plots can twist and turn and characters can make their way in and out of the story. But every day, the story goes on.


The common culture and history that Ethiopians share means that regardless of wherever they live in the world, they also share the same or similar stories.


One Ethiopian can easily identify with the stories of other Ethiopians and one can also get invaluable inspiration from any Ethiopian story.


Sometimes, our stories appear to be woeful and discouraging.


But it is always important to remember that the more we focus on our positive and uplifting stories, the better chance we give ourselves of creating better stories in the future.


And we should also find ways to talk about and learn from the not so positive stories of the past, and the not so positive stories of today, to help us shape the positive stories of tomorrow that we hope to be a part of.


At EthiopianStories.Com, we are motivated by the need to start a renewed trend of focus on Ethiopia's stories of inspiration.


We want to lead an upsurge of awareness about individual success stories, like the story of athlete Abebe Bikila, a story of determination, talent and courage that ended up inspiring people in every corner of the world.


But we also want to disseminate collective Ethiopian stories, like the story of the victory of Adwa, a story about an event that defined the character of Ethiopia like no other.


Nowadays, millions of Ethiopians live outside the Ethiopian homeland. Each and every one of these Ethiopians living abroad have encounters with adversity, failure and triumph everyday. And each encounter is a story. And each story is worth sharing for there is a lesson in it for someone, somewhere.


So we will share the many stories of the Ethiopian diaspora as well as of those who live in Ethiopia.


There are many ways of sharing our Ethiopian stories with each other and the world.


And this website is one of them.


Whether you are reading an article, looking at a photo gallery, listening to a podcast or watching one of our videos on this website, we hope that you have enjoyed doing it and that you have learnt about another Ethiopian story.